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Working While Traveling

In a world that's as fast-paced as a traveller's heart on the cusp of adventure, there's a trend that's caught on like wildfire. We're talking about working while travelling, and let's be real, it's not just a trend – it's an experience and a lifestyle!

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The Benefits of Working While Traveling

1. Flexibility Galore: Be the Master of Your Work Hours

Ever dreamed of being the master of your own work hours? Well, with the digital nomad lifestyle, we're here to make that dream a reality. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing on a beach in Bali or the bustling streets of Tokyo, knowing that your workday starts when you decide it does. No more rigid 9-to-5 schedules or demanding bosses breathing down your neck. As a digital nomad, you set the rules. You choose when and where you work, allowing you to align your professional responsibilities with your personal preferences. It's not just flexibility; it's the freedom to design your ideal workday.

2. Culture Buff's Paradise: Explore New Cultures, Languages, and Cuisine

Working while travelling transforms you into a culture buff's paradise. Travelling is not just about clocking in at a new location; it's about immersing yourself in a tapestry of cultures, languages, and mouthwatering local cuisine. Picture yourself savouring tapas in Spain, learning to say "hello" in five different languages, or witnessing the vibrant traditions of far-off lands. It's not just work; it's an exploration of life. Every day becomes an opportunity to broaden your horizons and appreciate the rich diversity our world has to offer.

3. Balancing Act: Mastering Work-Life Balance

We've cracked the code on work-life balance, and it starts with saying goodbye to the dreary office cubicles and monotonous routines. The digital nomad lifestyle is all about striking that perfect balance tailored just for you. It means enjoying a morning hike in the Swiss Alps before diving into your tasks or taking a leisurely break to stroll through the ancient streets of Rome. It's about having the autonomy to decide when your workday ends and your adventure begins. It's not a rigid act of balancing on a tightrope; it's a graceful dance where work and leisure complement each other seamlessly.

4. Adventure Awaits: Collect Stories and Treasures for Life

Every day as a digital nomad is an adventure, and "Travel With AB" is your golden ticket to collecting stories and experiences that will become your treasures for life. Whether it's trekking through lush rainforests in Costa Rica, sharing a meal with locals in Marrakech, or marvelling at the architectural wonders of Kyoto, every moment becomes a chapter in your ever-evolving story. Your life as a digital nomad is a continuous journey filled with unexpected twists, memorable encounters, and personal growth. It's about making the world your canvas and painting it with vibrant memories that you'll cherish forever.

Some Essential Tools

No adventure is complete without the right gear. Your trusty laptop, a dependable internet connection, and noise-canceling headphones are your trusty companions. Here are few additional tips:

  1. Power bank: A good power bank with a fast charge is essential (spend a bit extra here as some hostels won't have easy access to a power socket) and also some small ones you can easily transport. I would recommend

  2. Wall Charger: A 100w wall socket charger with multiple heads. This becomes really handy when at cafes with limited access to sockets but have a need to charge multiple devices. I recommend having a look at this from Ugreen on Amazon

  3. Spare mobile phone: Our phones are essential and give us access to all important apps such as banking etc. Therefore, I always have a spare phone for day-to-day use just in case I lose it.

  4. E-sims: Can't remember the last time I bought a sim card whilst travelling. E-sims are amazing, and you can get set up with no one. Use to find the best prices for where you going next

Have a Base: The Secret to a Nomad's Stability

One of the well-guarded secrets of seasoned digital nomads like me is the concept of having a home base. It's not just a place; it's your anchor in the ever-changing sea of travel. Here's why having a base is crucial for a successful and enjoyable nomadic lifestyle:

1. Stability and Routine

Traveling can be exhilarating, but it can also be chaotic. Having a base gives you a sense of stability in the midst of your adventures. It's your sanctuary where you can relax, recharge, and establish a daily routine.

Tip: Consider renting an apartment or a small house in your chosen base location for a few months or even a year. This provides a stable living environment and a place to return to between trips.

2. Networking Opportunities

Building a network is essential for both personal and professional growth. Having a base allows you to connect with the local community, other digital nomads, and professionals in your field. Attend local meetups, coworking events, and networking gatherings to expand your circle.

Tip: Join online forums and social media groups for digital nomads in your base location to stay updated on events and connect with like-minded individuals.

3. Explore the Area

Having a base doesn't mean staying put all the time. On the contrary, it becomes your launchpad for exploring the surrounding region. You can take short trips and weekend getaways knowing you have a comfortable place to return to.

Tip: Research nearby attractions, hidden gems, and local experiences to make the most of your base location. Create a travel bucket list for your base region.

4. Cost Savings

While traveling is exhilarating, it can also be expensive. Establishing a base can help you save money in the long run. You can negotiate better rates for accommodations, reduce transportation costs, and even cook your meals to cut down on dining expenses.

Tip: Keep a budget and track your expenses to ensure you're maximizing your savings while still enjoying your adventures.

5. Work Efficiency

For many digital nomads, work is a central part of their journey. Having a base provides a dedicated workspace where you can be highly productive. You can set up your ideal work environment and minimize distractions.

Tip: Invest in ergonomic furniture and create a workspace that inspires creativity and focus. A well-organized home office can significantly boost your work efficiency.


The a is your gateway to a life where work and travel dance together in harmony. It's a lifestyle that breaks the mold and invites you to live life on your terms. Pack your bags, power up your laptop, and embark on a journey where the world is your office.

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